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Teepee for Kids

I think I’ve worked out why I love sewing so much.  It’s like you get a rush when you actually like the end result (which unfortunately doesn’t always happen) and the recipient loves it just as much, if not more. When I first set up… Read More

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Quick and Easy Pacifier Clips

Poppet is an avid feeder.  I’m sure if she were allowed to remain attached to me all day, she would.  Ouch! Such behaviour has seen me become a fan of the sometimes controversial pacifier.  It’s just enough to stop her forming hickeys on my arms… Read More

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Dapper Cap for a Cheeky Chap

Aren’t little boys just wonderful?  It’s disappointing that mainstream pattern makers haven’t catered for them more. Fortunately for me, some very talented bloggers have realised the lack of stylish patterns for our little chaps and are coming to the rescue.

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Baby Gifts Galore

I wrote this blog post 2 weeks ago and it seems so superfluous now as Christchurch (a city only 5 hours drive away) lies in devastation after a horrendous earthquake yesterday.  My thoughts and prayers are very much with everyone there and especially for those… Read More

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Chalk Mats

I first stumbled upon these chalk mats at Thimble and fell in love with them straight away.  It’s a specially made vinyl that allows you to write in chalk and wipe it away with a damp cloth.  Genius! 

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Baby Bag with Flair

When I was pregnant with my little boy last year, I couldn’t believe the disappointing choices available in nappy bags.  It was either ugly little teddy bears printed onto a plastic fabric (the makers obviously didn’t realise it’s the Mum that carries the bag and… Read More

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This Little Piggy …

This little piggy bed warmer (or wheat bag) drew squeals of delight from my 1 year old.  So gorgeous!  It’s is made from an old flannette shirt to make it extra cuddly and looks nicer on the bed than a standard wheat bag.