I’m the mum of two preschoolers, a wife and a freelance writer living in New Zealand.

Born and raised here, I love my little corner of the world. We have the most amazing scenery right on our doorstep and I think it’s paradise.

Some other trivia about me:

  • I hate any spiders with hairy legs and big bodies. But then who doesn’t?! *shudder*
  • I LOVE a good espresso. Almost to the point of being a coffee snob. If we were to meet for coffee, I’d always order a soy flat white.
  • I adore Japan and anything Japanese. The food, people, shopping, culture … it’s all beautiful.

I’m happiest when sewing or writing and since being home with my cherubs, I’ve had ample opportunity to indulge those joys.

This blog is a journal of my various sewing and refashion adventures. I’m quite thrifty by nature, so many of my sewing projects are cheap to make.

So if you’re handy with a sewing machine, feel a little creative and are looking for tips and ideas, join me as I blog my discoveries, successes and even failures (come on, we all have them! Consider it part of the learning process).

Katrina xoxo

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