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I’m a mum, wife and freelance writer living in gorgeous New Zealand.

I’m also fortunate to be part of the team at Papercut Patterns, helping with wholesaling and blogging. While I am wildly blessed to have access to their patterns, Offsquare is my own blog and I’m not paid for blogging about those here. Any opinions I share are my own.

You’ll still see a variety of makes here using a range of pattern designers. I love all our independent designers, who lovingly create these patterns and feed our sewing habits, so to each one of you, thank you. I know it can’t be easy sometimes while juggling family life too! But I am grateful. Sewing fills my happiness tank.

I also:

  • LOVE a good espresso. ‘Long black’ coffee please.
  • Can’t sing. Or dance very well. Karaoke would be slow torture for all.
  • Am a dog-person. My Hubby is a cat-person. We are also both quietly stubborn, which means no pets for now! One day he’ll cave, I’m sure😉

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and follow along.  The sewing community is a phenomenal bunch, so don’t be a stranger!

Katrina x

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