I’m a mum, wife and freelance writer living in gorgeous New Zealand.

Born and raised here, I love this corner of the world. We have vast landscapes, marmite and a wonderfully dry, self-deprecating humour. It’s the bees-knees.

I also:

  • Hate any spiders with hairy legs and big bodies. But then who doesn’t?! *shudder*
  • LOVE a good espresso.
  • Adore Japan and anything Japanese. The food, people, shopping, culture … it’s all fascinating.

I’m a self-taught seamstress and started mostly because I couldn’t find what I wanted in the shops. There were plenty of failures in the beginning. In fact, more failures than successes, but eventually the scales tip your way, so don’t give up if you’re a beginner. Being able to design and make your own clothes, or even mend the ones you love, is a fantastic skill to have.

Offsquare is a sewing related blog and it’s always great to hear from others, so comment, email and join in the fun.

Katrina xoxo

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