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Sway Top by Papercut Patterns

I’ve been gushing over this sulphur yellow linen for weeks. My wardrobe needs more colour diversity and this is the perfect antidote.

Sway Top by Papercut Patterns |

Sourced from the lovely Emma at Miss Maude Sewing, this linen has a slub texture and the yellow has the slightest of green undertones.

Sway Top by Papercut Patterns |

Bold fabric calls for a dramatic shape. So I used the Sway Dress pattern by Papercut Patterns* as a base. I cropped the short dress length (keeping the curved shape for the hem), removed 1cm from the centre front and back pieces so I could cut them on the fold (instead of having centre seams) and skipped the facing altogether.

Sway Top by Papercut Patterns |

Those were the only pattern alterations. Then I got a little creative with the assembly.

I cut two front and two back pieces, making one piece of each 1.5″ shorter than the other (they will be my top layer). Mindful that the double layer of linen could be bulky around the neckline and arm holes, I used a lawn cotton for the upper half of the bottom layer. I then cut the rest of the layer from linen, serged the top edge and attached the cotton and linen to form a cohesive bottom layer (shown in the photo below). Then I attached this layer to the upper layer just as you would the facing. I think it worked really well! The fabric isn’t bulky, but I still get the double hem effect that I wanted.

Sway Top by Papercut Patterns |

I love it. The colour, the shape … everything. And, the top is reversible! You can wear the V-neck at the front or back, depending on your mood. I would have taken photos to show you, but the beach was way too public to be awkwardly adjusting clothes. As if taking blog photos isn’t weird enough!

Sway Top by Papercut Patterns |

I’m seriously considering another Sway top in a drapey rayon or cotton. Something light and floaty for those sticky summer days.

Ah, I can smell the sandfly repellant already.

Sway Top by Papercut Patterns |

*This is not a sponsored post, but I do work part-time for Papercut Patterns. See my About page for details.

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  1. I love this. Thanks for giving so much detail about how you accomplished it! Good luck with the sand flies…they’re the worst!

    • Thanks Johanna! It may be confusing for beginner sewers, but hopefully the methods are helpful to someone 🙂

  2. Lynsey Welch

    Love the double hem and great idea to do a lighter facing attached to the inner hem. The colour is awesome, I’m wishing it was hot and sunny where I am as I prefer my summer wardrobe instead it’s freezing, frosty and foggy!

    • Thanks Lynsey 🙂 I prefer my summer wardrobe too! I just love those hot days where you don’t have to carry extra layers. Stay warm and I hope you can find a great coat pattern to help bolster your winter enthusiasm x


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