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Why I Buy Secondhand

Call me sentimental, but this one dollar thrifted find is more than just an apron to me. It tells a story. It comes to me preloaded with history. The worn fabric feels soft in my fingers and I admire the worn floral fabric. It’s starting… Read More

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Pavlova Cushion

This cushion was meant to look like a rose, but I’m beginning to think it resembles a Pavlova more.  Not that it matters ’cause Pavlova is wonderful too! After admiring a cushion like this in a store, I was loathe to pay the requested $45.… Read More

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Sew a Table Runner

Table runners are so wonderfully simple to make and can really change the look of a room. This fabric was given to me a few months ago and came all the way from Zimbabwe!  It’s so gorgeous and the print had the perfect dimensions for… Read More