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Sofa Slipcover – Part 1

Something about the idea of sewing a couch slipcover is hugely daunting. Maybe it’s the sheer size of it or perhaps it’s the awkward shapes, but it sounds like something for the experts. That’s totally not the case. This is actually a project I would… Read More

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Finished Slipcover

It’s finished! My pink couch now has a custom made slipcover and I love it. Fully washable and being cotton, this can easily be dyed if I find white a frustrating colour with the kids around. Now I just need some funky big cushions for… Read More

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Pavlova Cushion

This cushion was meant to look like a rose, but I’m beginning to think it resembles a Pavlova more.  Not that it matters ’cause Pavlova is wonderful too! After admiring a cushion like this in a store, I was loathe to pay the requested $45.… Read More

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Sew a Table Runner

Table runners are so wonderfully simple to make and can really change the look of a room. This fabric was given to me a few months ago and came all the way from Zimbabwe!  It’s so gorgeous and the print had the perfect dimensions for… Read More