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Kid wearing Mini Love Bomber knitting pattern
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Moving On

I’ve set up shop over at Purl Foundry! All these years of creating my own wardrobe has been incredible and it’s not over yet. I’ve launched Purl Foundry, a knitting pattern brand with on-trend designs and plenty of video tutorials for beginner knitters. Knitting your… Read More

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Why I Buy Secondhand

Call me sentimental, but this one dollar thrifted find is more than just an apron to me. It tells a story. It comes to me preloaded with history. The worn fabric feels soft in my fingers and I admire the worn floral fabric. It’s starting… Read More

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Blogging and Vulnerability

I loved being part of Refashion Runway. It challenged me in not only my sewing, but in the core of me too. I realise blogging puts you in quite a vulnerable position. You share your voice and your creativity with the world for complete strangers to… Read More

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Refashion Runway

Refashion Runway, hosted by The Renegade Seamstress, is underway now and I’m so excited to be a contestant! There are some very talented women in the group and I’ve already enjoyed looking around their blogs and adding them to my reader. Also, I’ve just finished… Read More

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Refashion Runway

I’ve just applied to enter the first ever “Refashion Runway” hosted by Beth at The Renegade Seamstress. It will be run in a manner similar to Project Runway and The Great Sewing Bee, where six chosen competitors will submit refashions each week. These will be judged… Read More

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The Make Cafe

I’ve often drooled over looked at overseas fabric stores and thought “why is no-one doing that here in NZ?”. Dare to dream of a community based store where fabric is beautifully displayed, you can hire sewing machines (akin to an internet cafe) and there are workshops to learn… Read More

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You Little Beauty

Isn’t she just gorgeous?!  I found her at a local market on the weekend for only $30 and she still works like a dream.  I couldn’t leave her behind!