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Pavlova Cushion

This cushion was meant to look like a rose, but I’m beginning to think it resembles a Pavlova more.  Not that it matters ’cause Pavlova is wonderful too!

After admiring a cushion like this in a store, I was loathe to pay the requested $45.  Granted, it was made from dupion silk, but if you’re handy with a sewing machine, why pay that?

This really is so simple to make and like my last few projects, I just used fabric from an old calico couch cover.  Although, I think nearly any fabric would work for this.

First I cut two squares to match the size of the cushion inner (don’t worry about a seam allowance ’cause you want the cushion to squish in a little.  The inner will compact down with use).

I then cut a couple of strips of fabric 8cm wide, cut on the bias and then joined together to make one long strip.  Cutting on the bias will stop fraying but allows just enough fray that the edges look soft.  It also makes it all sit really nicely.

Take one of your cut squares and find the centre of the right side.  Sew the bias strip around in a spiral, starting from the middle and working out.  There is about 2.5 cm (an inch) between the rows.  Keep going until the entire square is covered.

With right sides together, sew the 2 fabric squares together on 3 out of the 4 edges and turn the right way out.  Because I was feeling lazy, I just hand stitched the cushion closed (with the inner inside, of course), but you could do a zip if you wanted something easy to remove for cleaning.

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  1. Very cool. I am totally loving this and I personally think a pavlova cushion sounds much more inviting than a rose!!


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