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Refashion: Summer Dress

It’s the last week of Refashion Runway and a winner is due to be crowned next week! I haven’t made it through to this round, but pop on over for a refashion feast anyway and vote for your favourite! So, this last challenge is themed “summer dress”.… Read More

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Refashion: Denim Jacket

I love the current look of denim paired with dresses. Cute! What I don’t like is how boxy and shapeless denim jackets tend to be. Yawn. I actually feel a bit lost in them and they always seem so bulky and heavy.

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Skirt Refashion

This refashion was more like a total rebuild. After thinking I could just alter the hem, I still wasn’t happy and I eventually unpicked all the seams and made a whole new skirt from the pieces.

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Rain Coat Refashion

It’s been raining here lately. A lot. Fortunately, our house has remained flood free and Poppet loved watching the lightening flashes with us. Little Guy just tolerated it. The torrents of water served to get me motivated though. After getting drenched through while doing groceries,… Read More

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Floral Dress Updated

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! A Happy Easter too. Just getting in early ’cause obviously I’m terrible at this kind of thing. Hope you’ve all had incredible holidays though. Life has taken over from blogging lately as we’ve… Read More