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No Sew Tutu

no sew tutu

Tutu’s for your little princess don’t have to be expensive or even difficult to make. This no-sew tutorial will have her twirling and dancing in no time at all.

This easily fits both my almost four year old and two year old alike. Being super stretchy, it’ll get a lot more wear yet before it’s outgrown. Sadly, though, it IS too small for me 😦 Yes, I tried.

You’ll need:

  • Stretchy headband (mine was 50c at a local market. Hence the rad orange colour)
  • 1.5m tulle (make sure you get the softer, slightly more pricey stuff. Kids won’t thank you for anything scratchy)

Simply cut your tulle into a gazillion strips measuring 50cm x 12cm. Rough enough is good enough here. Your perfectionist side can take a break for the time being.

No Sew Tutu

Fold a strip in half and, choosing a hole in the lower portion of the headband, thread it through the hole from front to back (loop first, facing downwards).

No Sew Tutu

Pull the remaining length down through the loop and tighten so that it’s now fastened onto the headband.

No Sew Tutu

Continue all the way around with the remaining tulle.

No Sew Tutu

The more tulle you use, the more full the skirt will be. I looped some excess tulle into holes a little farther up the headband so don’t be afraid to claim more territory there if you need it.

No sew tutu tutorial |

Very cute!

Adult sizes, anyone??


  1. Mandy

    Oh that is SO cute! I love it! Even I (the creatively challenged one) could do that!!

    • Thanks for encouraging me to share it! And you taught me to sew!! You’re not creatively challenged at all xoxo

  2. This is so cute! I bet little girls could wear one of these each day. Heather made a white one for Brookie last Halloween and she was the Tooth Fairy. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

  3. Nay

    I’ve made a tutu with layer upon layer of tulle, this method looks much nicer (and easier!)

  4. This is killing me, such a mega cute idea! I hope a friend of mine has a dress up party soon, I’d totally bust out this tutu! Because I don’t have money to spend on a lavish outfit and I can’t sew, so this is perfect! Now to wait for that dress up party to happen ….

    • That would look awesome at a dress up party! I think for adults, if the headband was too small, you could just thread it around a length of elastic. Maternity elastic has holes in it and you can tie some ribbon through the holes to join it all together. Still no sewing involved that way too 🙂

  5. This is so cute! I like the little knots just under the headband. I guess a few headbands can be connected to make an adult version.

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