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Skirt Refashion

Skirt before

This refashion was more like a total rebuild. After thinking I could just alter the hem, I still wasn’t happy and I eventually unpicked all the seams and made a whole new skirt from the pieces.

Mint Skirt Refashion

Mint Skirt Refashion

Mint Skirt Refashion

Mint Skirt Refashion

Mint Skirt Refashion

I love this fabric! The mint is so versatile to wear and it’s a nice pop of colour.

It was made using the pattern forΒ the Marie skirt on BurdastyleΒ but without the tapered hem. I had hoped for feminine and casual, but the fabric is like denim, so it’s quite heavy and stiff.

To be honest, I’m not totally sold on the end result. It could still grow on me, so I’ll give it time, but if I don’t wear it much, you could see it reappear sometime as a pencil skirt!

mint skirt refashion before & after


    • Thanks Jen. It’s the second Marie skirt I’ve done and it’s a rather handy pattern to have.

  1. Love it! Send it to me if you don’t like it *pick me pick me* πŸ˜€ Good job making it awesome and the colour is great!

    • Haha, you know, I may actually do that. The thought of refashioning a refashion is a bit demoralising. Will keep you in mind πŸ™‚

  2. max

    i love the shape of the skirt, makes me think of culottes, which i love x

  3. Catherine

    I really love this skirt especially the colour
    So in awe of people who wear colour

    • Mint is a great colour. I should’ve got on board with that trend ages ago! And you wore a gorgeous yellow top at the bloggers get together. I’m in awe of people who look great in yellow πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Brittany. I must say, I’m in love with that striped dress you wore in Jamaica. Looks amazing on you!

      • Oh, I always love to discover a new clothing website. Thanks! They have some cute things there.

    • Thanks. Maybe I’ll have to make a pencil skirt from something else. So jealous of your dress form right now!

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  5. I can see why you chose this skirt to refashion. So many possibilities with that fabric. I really like your end result. The new waistband and the pleats are super flattering on you. And the color is right on trend! Great work!

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  8. You transform it into a super cool skirt. This is really incredible. This is just a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing the post.


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