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Refashion Runway

Scissors & threadI’ve just applied to enter the first ever “Refashion Runway” hosted by Beth at The Renegade Seamstress. It will be run in a manner similar to Project Runway and The Great Sewing Bee, where six chosen competitors will submit refashions each week. These will be judged by readers like you and one person will then be outed from the competition, culminating in the crowning of the first ever Refashion Runway champion.

Being averse to putting myself under undue pressure and stress, the fact that she called it a “friendly sewing competition” really sold it to me. The word “prizes” helped a little too 🙂

So, what do you think? Will you enter too? I’d love to see you there. And if you don’t refashion or even sew, this will be something really fun to follow along and vote on. If I don’t get selected, I can’t wait to join in the audience participation and maybe even garner some inspiration.

Thanks for hosting this competition Beth! What a great idea. I’m hoping this goes on to become an annual thing ’cause who doesn’t love a gallery of refashion photos mixed with some friendly competition.

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  1. oh fun! that sounds like heaps of fun. I’ll be following along for sure. Hope you get chosen 🙂

  2. Real life ” Project Runway”! Will we will then be famous by association? 😛

    I hope you get picked, it sounds like such a fun experience and well, the chances of prizes is good too, hehe!

    • Lol, perhaps! It’s not the real project runway though. This is just a fun bloggie version for refashions.

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