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Rain Coat Refashion

It’s been raining here lately. A lot.

Fortunately, our house has remained flood free and Poppet loved watching the lightening flashes with us. Little Guy just tolerated it.

The torrents of water served to get me motivated though. After getting drenched through while doing groceries, I was inspired to attempt this jacket refashion. Again.

RainCoat Refashion

I’d thrifted this about a year ago, but stuffed it in a cupboard when I thought I had botched the alterations. It seems that time gifted me some fresh perspective because it was actually fine!

The original jacket was in great condition and and all it needed was a little style update and some tailoring.

Rain Coat Refashion

The length was chopped.

Rain Coat Refashion

The armhole seams were opened up. I left the lining as is here and just worked on the outer shell.

Sleeve seams and side seams were taken in before being handsewn closed again. Easing those babies back into place on the machine did my head in!

Rain Coat Refashion

I added a few stitches at the back to gather in some excess fabric. I like a bit of gather falling from the waist there anyway.

Love my Singer Featherweight!

A belt was made using the chopped hem and the addition of two D-rings.

Rain Coat Refashion

Then I hemmed the jacket and lining separately (blind hem on jacket outer and standard straight stitch on the lining).

RainCoat Refashion3

RainCoat Refashion2

I really should see what else is in the back of that cupboard! I’m liking this fresh perspective.

RainCoat Refashion Before & After

RainCoat Refashion5

RainCoat Refashion4

RainCoat Refashion1


    • Thanks! Yes, will be doing more. Would love to do one each week if I could. Here’s hoping the inspiration continues!

    • Thanks! Oh I love my Singer. I found her for $30 at a local market and it’s been the best impulse buy I’ve ever made.

  1. Dee

    Wow, you sure showed that raincoat who’s boss!
    You have a great eye for potential – I like that in a person 🙂
    Also, thanks for making the rhino for Ange, that was kind of you


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