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Baby Gifts Galore

I wrote this blog post 2 weeks ago and it seems so superfluous now as Christchurch (a city only 5 hours drive away) lies in devastation after a horrendous earthquake yesterday.  My thoughts and prayers are very much with everyone there and especially for those with missing loved ones.

Because our second little cherub due in just a few weeks (yay!), I’m aware that sewing time is about to be swallowed up in a sleep deprived haze for a while.

With 4 friends also due to give birth soon, I’ve been trying to plan ahead by whipping up a collection of goodies to give as gifts.

Here’s what I’ve been working on and I’ve included links to the tutorials for you, in case anyone is hunting for baby gift ideas:

  • I love my wet bags so these have become a standard gift for any friends new to motherhood.
  • My other favourite is bibs (shown above).  A new mum can never have too many of these and a set of 3 makes a lovely gift.  I’ve added a cute touch to plain fabric by using my version of freezer paper stencils that ironically (and very conveniently) doesn’t use freezer paper.
  • My son is loving his piggy wheatbag, so I’ll be whipping up a couple of these too.  They are just too cute!  Maybe blue or red fabric with white polka dots.

That should provide me with a good pool to draw from and of course, I can’t help but make some extras for our little one too!

Still need more ideas?  Check out these other tutorials below.  I also have to say that a hot meal and a hand with the laundry does wonders for a new mum too!

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