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This Little Piggy …

This little piggy bed warmer (or wheat bag) drew squeals of delight from my 1 year old.  So gorgeous!  It’s is made from an old flannette shirt to make it extra cuddly and looks nicer on the bed than a standard wheat bag. This is so fun to make and very affordable with the wheat only costing about one dollar!

I made it using a pattern from the book “More Softies” which my sisters very thoughtfully gave me for a birthday last year.  I’m not normally a soft toy person, but this book has been tons of fun with the quirky ideas and odd characters.  Can’t wait to make more!  Maybe a giraffe from cow print fabric?  Ahh, there’s nothing like confusing a toddler in the key developmental years!

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  1. Aunty Norma

    Duncan told me about this little fellow – He is utterly gorgeous!!! You clever girl x I have been persuaded (yikes) to share a stall at the Eco Fest in August, selling some of my sewing. I am trembling at the knees to even think of doing it – but Sue (the other girl) is fun to be with …………… so, nothing ventured, nothing gained (I guess). Adore your shoe pattern too. Hugs to Dan and sweet Lucas, Love A.N.

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