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Baby Bag with Flair

When I was pregnant with my little boy last year, I couldn’t believe the disappointing choices available in nappy bags.  It was either ugly little teddy bears printed onto a plastic fabric (the makers obviously didn’t realise it’s the Mum that carries the bag and not the baby!) or a designer bag costing over $200.  With all the other baby expenses, a bag that pricey was low on the priority list.

I was also stunned to find that pattern makers hadn’t clicked onto this huge gap in the market either.  But, after much searching, I finally found this Kwiksew beauty (and since then, another gorgeous option by Anna Maria Horner).

When making a baby bag, I highly recommend going to the upholstery section of your fabric store.  I’ve had enough of losing money and car keys in the the flimsy torn lining of my bags and a good sturdy fabric will help ensure durability in the finished product.

I also added a tab at each end of the bag with a D-ring attached so the bag can be hung from the buggy.  If your buggy doesn’t have anywhere to hang a bag from, try attaching a carabena clip to the handlebar.

The pattern also allows you to make a matching change mat that adds that extra designer tough (it also has a pattern for a cover for shopping trolleys, but that’s little too odd for me).

There are some gorgeous fabrics out there and I love the pizazz that a bright lining adds when a bag is opened up.

All up, the bag and change mat cost me about $50 to make and about 8 hours to put together.  Still a bargain compared to what’s on the market and you end up with a unique bag your friends can put their teddy bear printed wonders next to!

Level: Beginner – Intermediate (the most fiddly bit being the bias tape around the change mat.  Tip:  use an iron to ease the tape into the corners before sewing or if you have an overlocker, you could just overlock the edge instead).

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