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Quick and Easy Pacifier Clips

Poppet is an avid feeder.  I’m sure if she were allowed to remain attached to me all day, she would.  Ouch!

Such behaviour has seen me become a fan of the sometimes controversial pacifier.  It’s just enough to stop her forming hickeys on my arms in the hunt for more food and that’s got to be a good thing!

But the constant sterilizing everytime she spits it onto the floor had me desperate for a fix.  When a friend suggested using a pacifier clip, I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten about them.  Duh!  These little beauties are truly a sanity saver and they are so ridiculously simple.

I found half an hour today to whip out the sewing machine (is that the “hallelujah chorus” I hear?!) and 4 of these came together in a jiffy.

A while ago Dana Made It did a guest post on Sew Mama Sew about these Pacifier Clips.  Being in a hurry, I wanted to simplify it as much as possible.  So, instead of sewing fabric for the main part, I used ribbon and with no “Fray Stop” on hand, PVA glue was dabbed on the ends to stop fraying.

The ribbon proved a little fiddly to sew, so I used snaps instead of velcro too (it’s also quicker).  The only sewing it required was to attach the clip to one end of the ribbon.

A nifty little project that saves a sleep deprived mother from feeling like the whole world is conspiring against her … until 6am when one child wakes the other and both refuse to go back to sleep.  The world definitely hates me at that time.  Can’t wait till Dana posts a fix for that one!

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  1. I know what you’re talking about. Now it really makes me laugh, but when you’re sleep deprived it’s not that funny. Anyway, hold on there, things get really a lot easier as the two of them grow a little bit (that’s why so many end up pregnant with a third…)
    If my number 3 likes pacifiers (#1 loved, #2 hated them) I’ll be back to check out how you did yours.


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