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Dapper Cap for a Cheeky Chap

Aren’t little boys just wonderful?  It’s disappointing that mainstream pattern makers haven’t catered for them more.

Fortunately for me, some very talented bloggers have realised the lack of stylish patterns for our little chaps and are coming to the rescue.

This rather dapper cap from Sew Liberated is called the “Huck Finn Cap”.  It’s so suave and with a lad who adores hats, I’ve been positively itching to make it for him.

The pattern was easy to follow and caters for boys from 0-10 years old.  Sew Liberated make the pattern purchase simple and I only had to pace the driveway for a week while waiting delivery (which is good service for something traveling from the US to NZ).

For the fabric, I cut up a thrifted pair of mens pants and there’s enough fabric leftover to make 3 more hats from it.  I also cut up an old shirt to line it, so (excluding the cost of the pattern), each hat is only costing $1-$2 in materials.

Stay Tape AlternativeThe pattern asked for “stay tape” and I didn’t have any on hand so, as an alternative, I cut the edge off some canvas-like fabric from my stash.  As long as you use something tightly woven and that won’t stretch with use, I reckon it’ll serve the purpose well.

All up, I love the pattern and having now made one hat (the first one always takes the longest), I think future hats could be put together in a couple of hours.

And what does the little man think of it?  He was more interested in the tractor than giving me a hat critique, but it did stay on long enough to do a photo shoot.

Interested in more sewing ideas for boys?  Made by Rae and Dana Made It are currently running “celebrate the boy” month with daily boy related posts.

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