Saltspring + Sigma = SpringMa

The second dress made for my sister is a combination of my two current favourite patterns. It also came together just in time for FrankenIndie with The Monthly Stitch, so a big hello to any Monthly Stitch visitors!

To recap, my sister Kelly is off overseas and needs modest dresses for some conservative destinations. I wanted to help boost her wardrobe for the adventures ahead and offered to make a couple of dresses for her to wear.

Saltspring Dress by Sewaholic& Sigma Dress by Papercut Patterns

I combined the Saltspring Dress (Sewaholic) with the upper portion of the Sigma Dress (Papercut Patterns) to create a short sleeved maxi dress. It’s called: the “SpringMa”. Continue reading

Sewing for Travel

My sister, Kelly, is about to embark on some overseas travel and isn’t one for sticking to the usual tourist traps. She wants to eat with locals, wrangle language barriers and thoroughly explore a rich new culture. Such fun!

Kelly will be in places that dress modestly, which she will need to respect if she doesn’t want to draw gasps of horror everywhere she goes. The dress code essentially boils down to “no shoulders, no knees, and no skin in between”, which sounds simple enough but was proving a challenge for this intrepid explorer.

So Rosie Miller (another sister) and I collaborated to make Kelly a couple of dresses that would keep her feeling fab and cool in the heat. Rosie generously provided some gorgeous cotton fabrics from her stash, while I got sewing.

First up was a Sigma Dress by Papercut Patterns, but altered to a mid-calf length.

Mid calf Sigma dress by Papercut Patterns |

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Refashion: Leather Belt

You know those purchases that you get home but never wear? This belt was one of those. I bought it about a decade ago on a whim, but the leather is just too thick. I tried it on with dozens of outfits but it just never ever looked right.

One wide leather belt cut into three. Who would've thought?!So I got ruthless. The design means it was perfect to chop into three strips, although if that failed I was game to unravel the leather and try plaiting it. Continue reading

BurdaStyle Web Seminar with Beth Huntington


Have you discovered Burdastyle yet? It’s this great site full of patterns, tutorials, inspiration and forums. It’s basically a sewing wonderland and usually one of my go-to’s when I’m hunting for a cheap pattern or some general inspiration.


They also run a lot of webinars that you can watch for a one-off fee and the lovely Beth Huntington aka Renegade Seamstress is hosting a live refashion web seminar there on 31st March. You might remember her as the blog host of Refashion Runway, but she also does ehow tutorials and is a fellow refashion blogger with a heart of gold. Continue reading