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Summer Kimono Jacket

Kimono jackets are quick to make and simple to wear. This one has already been in serious rotation this summer!

After scouring Pinterest, I found a free tutorial for a kimono jacket via Elle Apparel and then this colourful poly chiffon in a local store. It was meant to be.

kimono jacket for summer |

The tutorial is great, giving you tips on creating one to fit your measurements, rather than ‘trace a top you already own’ which annoys me no-end. If I already owned such a top, I wouldn’t need to make one now, would I? Yup, this is a tutorial for the masses.

The kimono jacket sews together easily. The hardest part was the copious amount of tiny hems. A great chance for lots of practice with the hemming foot, but it came with a lot of unpicking at the start! After a few metres of hemming, I’m much more practised now.

kimono jacket for summer |

As a side note, if you’re ever sewing with chiffon, my best tip is to use small stitches. It will help the seams sit nice and smooth.

kimono jacket for summer |

Right, I’m off to maximise this sunshine!


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  1. ninamakesnz

    It’s lovely, will be great for summer so nice and light and floaty! I bet that was some hemming practice 😄

  2. Nice! Having spent a few weeks in NZ in summer I can appreciate the need for light layers! For the intense sun & those chilly breezes!!

    • I’ve been loving your photos from the trip! Yes, layers are my friend here. Light, wind proof jackets are often on hand too


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