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Hepburn Shorts

I need leather-look shorts in my life |

This black polyester, wet-look fabric is incredible. It looks like leather, drapes like rayon and doesn’t wrinkle. I want more! Skirts, tops, a blazer … where would I stop?

I need leather-look shorts in my life |

I made these shorts using the Hepburn Shorts pattern by Pattern Emporium. The fit of the pattern is good and didn’t need much tweaking beyond reducing the top edge of the waistband (I chipped out about 3cm, graduating back to the actual size at the bottom of the waistband). I also used an invisible zip and raised it to meet the top edge of the band, instead of using the recommended hook fastener there.

I need leather-look shorts in my life |

The instructions though. Ugh. This is by far the largest PDF I’ve ever downloaded at a whopping 10MB (just for shorts!) and the instructions feel clunky and overwhelming. I mostly ignored them, not wanting to wade through the 67 pages just to find a starting point *groan*.

Love the shorts, but I need that clutch! |

But the instructions look so in-depth, that it’d be quite ideal for any beginner. Every step is photographed and thoroughly explained. Just don’t let the quantity of instructions overwhelm you or put you off Indie patterns in general. They’re not usually so huge and photo heavy.

And rather than print the whole PDF file, perhaps pick out the bits you think you’ll need first.

I need leather-look shorts in my life |

Other than that, the pattern was great and came together well. I’m so happy with the final result! The shorts are edgy and fun, which was just what I wanted.

That clutch! I need someone to make me one|

And I had enough fabric scraps from previous projects to whip up a fold-over clutch and while my Hubby insists it looks like a pencil case, I’m loving it for the pop of colour and a touch of class.

Pencil case. Pffft.


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