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Bowline Sweater by Papercut Patterns

The Bowline Sweater from Papercut Patterns* is a work of art. Here you have a dart going into a pleat with another pleat coming out of it … I don’t how she did it! Katie has outdone herself.

Moana Top by Papercut Patterns |

I made my version from this delish, charcoal merino sweatshirting, picked up from The Fabric Store last year. It has all the benefits of merino, but in the thick weave of sweatshirt fabric and it’s so soft!

Bowline Sweater by Papercut Patterns |

The Bowline Sweater came together surprisingly fast; I whipped it up in just a few hours (after I had performed the jigsaw miracle of cutting it from a mere 1 metre of fabric. It IS possible, people!)

Bowline Sweater by Papercut Patterns |

This design is really well suited to a knit fabric that has good structure and stretch, like a ponte, but structure isn’t essential. This merino is pretty soft and the effect is a little more draping, which is fine by me. You do need stretch though. Don’t compromise on that.

Bowline Sweater by Papercut Patterns |

A great pattern, well suited to intermediate sewists and up.

I love this alternative to a hoodie or jersey. It’s fancy yet comfy and I’m a total sucker for anything with structure.

Bring on autumn!

*See my about page for my Papercut Patterns disclaimer.


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  1. I love this in a solid colour, it’s interesting with a twist – and the first pattern of the new collection to go in the shopping cart… You squeezed this out of a meter you say… hmmm maybe I can afford some merino sweatshirt fabric…

    • Yes, a metre is possible, but a 1.3m is more ideal. I doubted my abilities while I shuffled the pieces for 15 minutes! Can’t wait to see your version 🙂

    • It is a fun take on a sweatshirt. I don’t know how she drafted it all up, but it’s such a unique design and I love it!

    • Thanks! I don’t usually wear sweatshirts at all, but the structure on this with the front pleat is amazing!

    • Thanks! I didn’t make any alterations from the pattern, so I guess it’s just how garments fit different people. The merino is gorgeous to wear!

    • Thanks! I’m not usually a sweater kinda girl (I love jackets), but the structure on this takes it up a level. It’ll get plenty of wear!

  2. I love it! So please tell me how you managed to do it from just 1 meter! I went crazy by trying to manage this!
    Greetings from Germany!


  3. This one is really great! So please tell me how you manage to get it out of 1 meter!!!!!

    Greetings from Germany,

    • Thanks Jenny. It was a juggle and I can’t remember the exact layout, but often I re-lay the fabric a couple of times through the cutting process to get the pieces in. Start with the big front part as close to a corner as you possibly can. Then work out from there. You may not get two sleeves cut in one go, you might need to cut one in one place and then the other in another part. Hope that helps?


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