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Neon Briar by Megan Nielsen

I love colour and usually the brighter the better. But it’s entirely possible that I’ve just found my limit. Neon Briar Top by Megan Nielsen. I need this pattern! | This fabric is a hi-viz pink merino from The Fabric Store and it’s great for a blast of colour. It almost assaults my wintery, sun-starved eyes but I love it because it’s so unexpected when everyone else is wearing black.

It will be perfect as a warm-up layer when running too. Neon Briar Top by Megan Nielsen. I need this pattern! | I used the Briar Sweater and T-shirt pattern by Megan Nielsen and made a length somewhere between the cropped and long sizes while also straightening the front hem and slightly raising the neckline.

Megan has an app you can download with all her patterns, tutorials and tips. It’s very cool. I saved paper by not needing to print instructions, her tutorials were thorough and easy to follow and I love that I’ll always have details on hand when fabric shopping.

Well played, Megan. Well played. Neon Briar Top by Megan Nielsen. I need this pattern! | This definitely won’t be my last Briar. I have some more merino waiting in the wings already, although not in neon this time!* It’s such a great basic pattern to have in the arsenal and one of the few I have that is aimed at knit fabrics.

I love a versatile pattern and this is right up there with my two other favourites; the Belcarra Blouse and the Sigma Dress. I have them all on solid repeat with small variations each time.

What are the patterns you make over and over again?

*The neon aspect was really hard to capture, but after several failed attempts, it took a rainy day and the dingy depths of an underpass to capture the vibrancy.  I actually lost sleep over this one, trying to think of places I could take photos where the sun wouldn’t hit it. Darn you, neon! You guys do this too, right? It’s totally the norm for sewing bloggers to lose sleep about their photo locations? Yeah, I’ll just tell myself it is. Right before I drift off to sleep tonight thinking of non-photo thoughts.

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  1. Fantastic color! I make the Renfrew over and over again… I have 6 so far! All different sleeve lengths and necklines.

    • Six! That’s good value. Patterns like that are a great investment and because you know the fit, it saves on making time too. Well done!

  2. Oh it’s an amazing colour! Hmmm I wonder if there’s any left at the sale?! I’m a serial pattern repeater… New look 6808, style arc Elle pants, tessuti Mandy boat tee, Maria Denmark kimono tee…. Probably 50% of my wardrobe right there!

    • Those are some good pattern recommendations, right there. I’ve never looked at the Tessuti range before now … they have some fun patterns in there! Also, neon may be an acquired taste, so it’s possible there’s still some at your local store (I only bought mine two weeks ago). It was called “neon pink merino” on their website (different from the “hot pink ribbed merino” which is also scrumptious), if you needed to reference it over the phone somehow 🙂 I’m so hooked on merino right now!

  3. Yes totally normal to lose sleep over photo locations! I have that neon too, just wondering what I’m going to do with it – your tee looks great! I’m trying to work on choosing patterns which I can get good mileage from as my stash is way too large and I have too many miss-makes. I just made the ensis tee in merino and the rise and fall turtlenecks in merino which is a good start- can’t get enough merino!!!

    • I can’t wait to see what you make with the neon! Good luck with the photography too, if you end up blogging it. It seems to love being in a dark hole! Isn’t merino just divine?

  4. If that is the merino polyprop fabric, I bought some too and make a tee from it. It is lovely to wear. I have made the Belcarra twice now and haven’t ruled out more. My most repeated pattern is either Jalie 2795 or Vogue 1247.


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