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Midi Skirt by Pattern Easy


Pattern Easy is a Russian pattern brand and while everything is written in Russian, as you’d expect, it’s not completely out of reach for us foreigners.

I utilised Google Translate to muddle my way through (seam allowances aren’t included in the pattern). This particular skirt translated to be “Mid-skirt was a smell”. I’m sure that’s not what Pattern Easy actually intended, but apparently ‘wrap’ and ‘smell’ are similar in Russian!


I made this version with a cotton blend fabric from The Fabric Store. It’s mid-weight with incredible structure and the yellow almost looks like mustard in low light and then primary colour in bright light! It’s awesome.


The only change I made was to create more of an angle on the centre front edges. Only because it was sitting mostly closed and I wanted more leg to show for a less frumpy look.

I also attached the underneath layer to the pocket bag at the centre edge because it flapped open. A lot. Like, indecently so. But it’s all good now.


All in all, it’s a good pattern and the result was exactly what I’d hoped for. I don’t think I’ll make another, but it was really nice to make something different from my usual style. It’ll certainly get some good wear for years to come!

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  2. Maria

    I really love this & can see it being made from parachute-type fabric as well. It has a certain “cargo” feel to it.


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