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Cocoon Cardi by Jalie

Cocoon Cardi by Jalie |

It’s nearly halfway through winter here in NZ and I’m hankering for more cosy, casual layers.

Introducing, the Cocoon Cardigan by Jalie. It’s slouchy, relaxed and sews up super quick, pairing perfectly over my growing collection of merino tops .

Cocoon Cardi by Jalie |

I was feeling rebellious when I made this and ignored the fabric recommendations, opting instead for a mid-weight knit with a questionable amount of stretch. Ignoring those recommendations is usually a terrible idea, by the way. I wouldn’t recommend it and I questioned that decision the entire way through construction.

Fortunately, I love the cardi now anyway. That was lucky.

Cocoon Cardi by Jalie |

Here’s the exceptional part: This pattern comes in a whopping 27 sizes. 27! You can make this cardi for everyone from a two-year old, right through to an adult 22 plus-size.  Impressive!

I’ve never seen such a range before. Must have been a pattern-grading nightmare to put together, but all that work means no-one has to miss out and that’s pretty cool.

Cocoon Cardi by Jalie |

The Cocoon Cardigan is a great pattern and simple to put together. The sleeves are part of the body, so there’s no setting in or easing of sleeve heads. You just sew the shoulder/sleeves down an outside seam, then the side seams before finishing it all off with the cuffs and band. Quick. And. Easy.

Cocoon Cardi by Jalie |

One small change I made was to add in some bias binding along the back neckline for stability. It could be that I just made a size too big, but the cardi often slipped off my shoulder and this addition helps to keep the neckline firm. No biggie. I often do it with my merino tops too.

Apart from that, it was straightforward and the relax fit of the cardigan means you shouldn’t encounter any fit issues or complications.

Cocoon Cardi by Jalie |

I definitely want to make more. Next time it’ll be in something softer though and Jalie’s sample photo in a colourful knit looks great for summer.

And I’ll definitely be paying attention to the fabric recommendations this time.



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    • This is my first Jalie make, but probably won’t be my last! I can’t believe that size range 🙂

  1. Lynsey

    Lovely cosy cardi, looks snugly and perfect for winter

    • It is a simple make. Just be sure not to stretch the edges as you attach the binding so that you get a smooth finish 😊 The rest is easy!

  2. Zéphine

    I have theperfect comfy knit I bought for a cardigan,but I haven’t take the time to make it yet (knowing myself, I’ll do it when spring will be back!).
    The pattern is nice, but it must be greedy in fabric yardage with the included sleeves, and the scraps must be quite larges as well… How much fabric did you used?

    • It’s actually not too hungry. I initially made a knee length version but didn’t like it so cropped it back to the original length. The pattern recommends 1.8m of fabric.

  3. Cute! I’ve made this 4 times, and my experience has been better with a heavier, more stable knit, like ponte de roma. Mostly because the band gets wonky with anything lighter. I love the knit you used. Looks kind of like a french terry, which also has very little stretch. I noticed the fragility of the back neckline area also, and just reinforced it by topstitching the area a couple times – once on top of the seam allowance (band to body) and then again about 1/2″ away, shoulder seam to shoulder seam. Really helped. I would have used a piece of binding as you did, except that it would have bothered my skin. Your top looks great, wonderful with your jeans and casual style. Isn’t this a terrific cardi!!

    • That’s so interesting about the heavier fabrics. Good to know! It would look great in a ponte and yes, this is just like a French terry. I like your stabilising ideas too. Will have to give that a try next time. Thanks for sharing!

    • Well, if this one is anything to go by, then yes! I’ve just joined the gym, so their activewear may be very appropriate 🙂


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