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No Sew Fabric Origami

Why not turn your fabric scraps into works of art?

Fabric Origami1

Now you can use that remnant of gorgeous fabric you’ve been too loathe to throw out. With a light coating of fabric stiffener, most fabric will feel just like card so you can work with it as you would origami paper.  Brilliant!


Create your own baby mobile, gift toppers, party decorations … the options are endless.

  • Cut a 20cm square of fabric and iron it flat if necessary. Coat fabric in fabric stiffener to create your own fabric origami

  • Coat it on both sides with fabric stiffener.  You can leave it to dry, but if you’re like me and can’t wait that long, try draping it over an upturned mug and microwave it for 30 seconds.  Just keep a close eye on it though!


  • Now make your masterpiece! Check out Origami Fun for lots of origami tutorials and treat your fabric as you would paper or card.


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  1. Elaine Lourens

    Oh my word that is SO gorgeous Trina!!
    Are you going to make them for sale?
    i’d love to do a custom order with you – i really wanted to order one of your chalk mats, and how cool would it be if you did used these fabric origami to make a baby mobile!!!!

    • Thanks Elaine 🙂 I was thinking a mobile made from the cranes would look pretty cool too. I’ll message you about the chalk mat xoxo

    • I’m in New Zealand and got mine from Spotlight, but I’d say any large craft or fabric store should have some.


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