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Sigma Skirt

This is my fourth make using the Sigma Dress pattern by Papercut Patterns. I’ve never owned a pattern so versatile!

Sigma Skirt |

It’s the skirt variation without gathers and I think it’s cute and kinda fun. I didn’t make any adjustments (other than omitting pockets so it would always sit smoothly) but I really should have done a sway back adjustment. It’s a simple adjustment for those of us with an exaggerated inward curve on the lower back (I found this lovely tutorial on sway back adjustments for anyone interested). See how it curves up slightly on the back hemline?

Sigma Skirt |

It’s subtle enough that I can still enjoy wearing the skirt, but I’ll make an adjustment next time round.

Sigma Skirt |

Sigma Skirt |

I also made this skirt using fabric from a dress I found in an op-shop. Does it count as a refashion? Either way, here is a before and after for you ’cause they’re always fun.

Sigma skirt refashion |

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  1. This is a great little skirt! Very nice with the contrasting blue top, which tones down the print for your frame 🙂 Refashion/reuse? Doesn’t matter, it’s a great use if the fabric from the dress.


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