Refashion: Polkadot Blazer

refashion of a polkadot blazer | offsquare.comrefashion of a polkadot blazer |

Sometimes a refashion just jumps out at me and this polkadot number was one such occasion. I do love those refashions, but to be honest, it’s not always that easy.

Do you see the potential too?

At the moment, it’s got huge shoulder pads and a button that draws the eye straight to the belly button. “Hey guys! Like my big, freakishly white outie?!”. Then there’s that bizarre fake shirt attached to it at the front. Yuck. Continue reading

Why I Buy Secondhand

Call me sentimental, but this one dollar thrifted find is more than just an apron to me. It tells a story. It comes to me preloaded with history.

Why buy secondhand |

The worn fabric feels soft in my fingers and I admire the worn floral fabric. It’s starting to go thread bare on the right hand side, directly in the place your hand naturally falls on your thigh when you want to dry or clean your hands. Continue reading

Refashion: Summer Dress

It’s the last week of Refashion Runway! I hope you’re not tired of me talking about it yet, but we’re almost done. A winner is due to be crowned next week!

I haven’t made it through this round, but pop on over for a refashion feast anyway and vote for your favourite! refashioned this ugly wonder into a stunning summer dress. She does tons of inspiring refashions!So, this last challenge is themed “summer dress”. While it is winter here, I’m still really excited about this one. I found this “vintage” doozy a month or so back and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Continue reading

Refashion: Sheer Black Dress

It’s week three over at Refashion Runway and I’m so excited that I’m still in! The theme this week is “copycat”, where the contestants have replicated a design found online. Pop over for some refashion inspiration and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

Urban Outfitters Dress

I love this sheer black dress I found at Urban Outfitters. Feminine, versatile and a bit sassy. So I set out to recreate it using this gem: Continue reading