No Sew Tutu

no sew tutu

The internet is swimming with tutorials for No Sew Tutu’s exactly like this one. Maybe it’s because they are just so ridiculously easy, fast and fun to make.

What? You haven’t seen it 23 times elsewhere yet? Fantastic! Because I’ve also written a tutorial here just for you. Continue reading

Dolly Donations

DollsI unfortunately can’t take credit for all these dolls. My friend Kris made four in the time it took me to make one! Her two are on the left and Poppet cried when I took the pink one away from her.

I recently stumbled across the incredible website “Dolly Donations”, which assists those who wish to make dolls for children in need. Continue reading

Teepee for Kids

I think I’ve worked out why I love sewing so much.  It’s like you get a rush when you actually like the end result (which unfortunately doesn’t always happen) and the recipient loves it just as much, if not more.

When I first set up the Teepee in the garden for Little Man, I just couldn’t take my eyes off him!  It was so heart warming to see him in there with his little trucks and soft toys, lost in his own private world.  I couldn’t help but watch from the window, my heart soaring.  He actually likes it!  And I like it!  This was a rare moment where the world stopped and I heard a faint chorus of angels singing the perfect theme song for that very moment.  Okay, perhaps a slight exaggeration and totally cheesy, but you get the idea. Continue reading

Upcycle: Men’s Trousers to Toddlers Pants

I don’t know why, but my local thrift stores have decided that they want to charge $4-$6 for items of clothing now.  I’m sadly lamenting the days of 50c bargains.  At that price, I’d might as well just buy a metre of new fabric (which I can’t resist doing whenever I see a cute print somewhere!).  So I’m thinking the cheapest way to upcycle clothing now is to just use what we already have on hand and get a little more creative with it.  Which I should be doing already anyway!

So here is my latest project doing just that.  A pair of pants for my little man has been on the to-do-list for a long time and I’ve finally found a quick and easy pattern to use too. Continue reading