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Rain Coat Refashion

It’s been raining here lately. A lot. Fortunately, our house has remained flood free and Poppet loved watching the lightening flashes with us. Little Guy just tolerated it. The torrents of water served to get me motivated though. After getting drenched through while doing groceries,… Read More

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Floral Dress Updated

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! A Happy Easter too. Just getting in early ’cause obviously I’m terrible at this kind of thing. Hope you’ve all had incredible holidays though. Life has taken over from blogging lately as we’ve… Read More

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Love the Style, Hate the Colour?

Baby has discovered how to crawl.  Combine that with a “clingy” phase and not only is the sewing on the backburner, but my fabric printing has been too!  So I’m learning to adapt and cater my projects accordingly.  Enter, the 1/2-hour-wonder-projects! It’s amazing what you… Read More