Refashion Fail

*sigh*.  Well, another valuable sewing lesson learned.  Fortunately (or should that be unfortunately?), the only thing lost was my time and a little sanity.

The idea was to take an old pair of Hubby’s pants and by keeping the existing fly and button, create a cool pair of pants for our Little Man.  Would’ve been a quick way to convert pants, that’s for sure.

The problem is, that the fly required for a grown man is, quite obviously, larger than that required by a 2 year old.  Duh.  So the finished product was hugely bulky in the crotch and made my gorgeous toddler look … um, let’s just say, extremely well endowed.  It was weird.

The other issue was that I had to force Little Man into them so many times to try get the right fit, that now whenever he sees them, a look of sheer determination comes over his face and there is no chance of me ever getting him into them again.  Hence the photo of the pants lying flat rather than lovingly modeled.

So I’m totally over these pants.  Don’t want to look at them ever again.  Hello rubbish bin.

However, This Mama Makes Stuff has a fantastic tutorial (intermediate level) in making slim slacks for boys and she gets around that crotch issue well.  It does involve recreating the pants a little more than I had hoped, but the end result is totally wearable so well worth the extra time.

I haven’t made these yet, but next time I refashion pants for my lad, this will be my go-to.

Upcycle: Mens Shirt to Girls Dress

We’re still waiting for the arrival of our little one, but it means I have a little time free to share this gorgeous upcycle project with you.

I found this clever tutorial on about a year ago but haven’t had anyone to make it for, so it’s just been bookmarked on my computer for such a time as this.

You essentially take a men’s shirt, turn it backwards and chop the sleeves to make a dress.  Then you create straps and add detail such as ruffles for a splash of contrast.  Of course, the tutorial is a lot more thorough so be sure to check it out!

I love that no-one would suspect it’s humble origins too.  I always like my upcycling projects to not actually look upcycled.

Happy sewing!