No Sew Tutu

no sew tutu

The internet is swimming with tutorials for No Sew Tutu’s exactly like this one. Maybe it’s because they are just so ridiculously easy, fast and fun to make.

What? You haven’t seen it 23 times elsewhere yet? Fantastic! Because I’ve also written a tutorial here just for you. Continue reading

Quick and Easy Pacifier Clips

Poppet is an avid feeder.  I’m sure if she were allowed to remain attached to me all day, she would.  Ouch!

Such behaviour has seen me become a fan of the sometimes controversial pacifier.  It’s just enough to stop her forming hickeys on my arms in the hunt for more food and that’s got to be a good thing!

But the constant sterilizing everytime she spits it onto the floor had me desperate for a fix.  When a friend suggested using a pacifier clip, I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten about them.  Duh!  These little beauties are truly a sanity saver and they are so ridiculously simple. Continue reading

Baby Gifts Galore

I wrote this blog post 2 weeks ago and it seems so superfluous now as Christchurch (a city only 5 hours drive away) lies in devastation after a horrendous earthquake yesterday.  My thoughts and prayers are very much with everyone there and especially for those with missing loved ones.

Because our second little cherub due in just a few weeks (yay!), I’m aware that sewing time is about to be swallowed up in a sleep deprived haze for a while.

With 4 friends also due to give birth soon, I’ve been trying to plan ahead by whipping up a collection of goodies to give as gifts. Continue reading

Upcycle: Men’s Trousers to Toddlers Pants

I don’t know why, but my local thrift stores have decided that they want to charge $4-$6 for items of clothing now.  I’m sadly lamenting the days of 50c bargains.  At that price, I’d might as well just buy a metre of new fabric (which I can’t resist doing whenever I see a cute print somewhere!).  So I’m thinking the cheapest way to upcycle clothing now is to just use what we already have on hand and get a little more creative with it.  Which I should be doing already anyway!

So here is my latest project doing just that.  A pair of pants for my little man has been on the to-do-list for a long time and I’ve finally found a quick and easy pattern to use too. Continue reading