Dolly Donations

DollsI unfortunately can’t take credit for all these dolls. My friend Kris made four in the time it took me to make one! Her two are on the left and Poppet cried when I took the pink one away from her.

I recently stumbled across the incredible website “Dolly Donations”, which assists those who wish to make dolls for children in need. Continue reading

Colourful Decoration

Valentines day is close and for all those that actually excited about this and not tempted to wish it away with a good sized cake of chocolate (oh boy, have I been there!) then check out this Made by Rae garland idea.  If hearts aren’t your thing, don’t stop reading just yet!  It would look just as gorgeous with stars, flowers or circles cut out instead and it’s so cheerful that it would do for all year round!

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