Upcycle: Tshirt to Bag

Stuck for ideas on what to do with that old, stretched Tshirt?  Here’s a nifty little project to give it a new lease on life.

It can be hard to part with that favourite old tshirt, but it’s equally sad to see it sitting neglected in the drawer.  So why not pull it out and lunge at it with the scissors and sewing machine to create a handy new grocery bag?

This tutorial is such a great idea.  It uses the arm holes as bag handles and even shows you how to convert the removed sleeves into another little bag in case you detest having wastage.

Check out “between the lines” for a full tutorial and more photos.

On a personal note, little Poppet is settling into life well and has an appetite that astounds us all.  She’s a very contented little soul.

Baby Bag with Flair

When I was pregnant with my little boy last year, I couldn’t believe the disappointing choices available in nappy bags.  It was either ugly little teddy bears printed onto a plastic fabric (the makers obviously didn’t realise it’s the Mum that carries the bag and not the baby!) or a designer bag costing over $200.  With all the other baby expenses, a bag that pricey was low on the priority list. Continue reading