Wallflower Pizazz

Who would’ve thought you could decorate a nursery using napkins?  Up until recently, certainly not me.  In fact, I would’ve pictured something tacky, flimsy and just outright laughable.

I’m proud to say that I think this project is far from that.  But if you can’t bear the thought of using something so outrageous on your walls, you could use tissue paper just as effectively.

I love the texture and feminine touch it adds to the room.  We definitely needed a girly touch in there.

Tutorial is found on Dana Made It.

Pics That Stick

These gorgeous “polaroid” magnets have captured my heart!  What a fantastic way to enjoy all your favourite pics.

The lovely Jenn over at Ambrosia has a full tutorial and more pics to inspire you.  I love that these can be made using resources around the house too.  Maybe even chop up some promotional magnets for the back (you know the flexible ones companies sometimes post out) and attach with a hot glue gun.

I’m so keen to get making some and the cute size just makes them all the more enticing.

Jenn’s blog is full of lovely photos and inspiring ideas, so be prepared to get sidetracked while you’re there!

Stencils Using Photocopy Paper Wrappers


There are oodles of tutorials online about how to stencil fabric with freezer paper.  They all look fabulous and give you an easy way to personalise tshirts, baby onesies, bags … the list is endless.

Alas, there have been many frustrating hours spent hunting for freezer paper in New Zealand, only to find it both rare and ridiculously expensive.  Would you believe that what sells for $4 in the US has sold for as much as $24 here?!  That makes me feel ill.

But, despair no more, my loyal Offsquare friends (I know you’ve all been kept awake each night wondering how you’ll ever do a freezer paper stencil without paying for airfares to the US first … or is that just me?), I have the answer you’ve all been looking for.  Plus, it’s thrifty AND upcycled! Continue reading

Fabric Printing: Leaf Stamp

A break from sewing this week turned out to be a good idea.  I needed a change of scenery and have instead found some great DIY fabric printing ideas.  I’ve made some fabric napkins using tips in my earlier tea towel post and I plan to use a different printing idea on each one to make them unique and interesting.

The idea of screenprinting is still a little daunting at this stage, so I have a few other ideas to warm up with first.  This week it’s leaf stamping and it’s so wonderfully easy that kids can join in too.

Continue reading

Easy Decor

I know it’s not sewing, but I found this such a great idea that I just HAD to share it.  Most wallpaper stores will be able to supply you with a sample of your choice for either a couple of dollars or even free if you ask nicely (Resene have a note in the back of their books that there is no charge so if they try, read it out to them!).  Glue one onto a canvas and you have instant art for a great price!  We get oodles of comments on ours.