Refashion: Pleated Dress to Skirt

Refashion a pleated dress into a skirt |

For months I’ve been hunting for a pleated dress or skirt, so I was really excited to stumble upon this gem! This is a stunning kelly green and I love me some colour.

Refashion a pleated dress into a skirt |

Obviously it’s a few sizes too big, but that’s not all. Check out the back:

Refashion a pleated dress into a skirt |

It reminds me a dog collar and leash! It’s also nigh on impossible to conceal a bra under this and having fed two babies, going bra-less is no longer an option for this gal.

I toyed with the idea of filling in the back with contrasting chiffon (and removing those odd straps), joining it to the front for a cute shirt dress. But I couldn’t decide on fabric colour. So many fabrics look good with green! So I opted instead to make a skirt for extra versatility.

First I removed the top portion,

Refashion a pleated dress into a skirt | Offsquare.comthen ummed and ahhed for a few days about whether to keep the length or not. Again, in the name of versatility, I opted to go short. It would’ve made a cute maxi if it wasn’t for the hi-low hem though.

I formed a waist band from the bodice fabric, making two strips of fabric and folded them over, but putting elastic in the back portion so I can slip the skirt on and off. This was then attached to the top of the skirt.Refashion a pleated dress into a skirt |

I chopped the length and then did a tight zig-zag around the hem to stop it fraying. The hem was then carefully pressed with the pleats folded down so they sat flat.

Refashion a pleated dress into a skirt |

Just so you know, not all refashions are a success on the first try. This one was “finished” and nearly blog worthy when I tried to style it and found I still wasn’t happy. After getting over my initial despondency, I tried it on again and gave it my refashioning eye. There was too much fabric in the skirt making it bulky on the waist and the length was still a smidge too long. So I unpicked the waistband, removed some width from the fabric by chopping out the buttons (and hiding the new seam under a pleat) and trimmed the length a little more before stitching it all back together.

Done! Now it’s a cute and versatile new skirt.

Refashion a pleated dress into a skirt |

Refashion a pleated dress into a skirt |

Refashion a pleated dress into a skirt |

I see Beth from The Renegade Seamstress has refashioned a pleated skirt today too. Snap! What can I say … she’s got great taste ;)

How to Sew In-Seam Pockets

In-seam pockets are sewn right into the side seams of a dress or skirt and are practically invisible when done well.

How to sew in-seam pockets |

There’s nothing like a handy pocket on your favourite dress and these are seriously some of the easiest pockets to make. Great to add in when you’re refashioning too. You don’t even have to use matching fabric. Just as long as your fabric choice is lightweight (to avoid adding bulk) and complimenting in colours (in case it peeks out a little). Continue reading

Refashion: Floral Dress

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it and, let’s be honest, it’s tough to say no to a free matching belt.

Dress Refashion |

After attempting to sell this “vintage dress” on Trade Me without success, I decided to jump right in with a refashion instead. Definite potential here.

Process of a dress refashion |

The skirt had so much fabric to it! After unpicking the pleats, I must have cut away about half the skirt width before gathering and reattaching the skirt again. Continue reading

Refashion Runway – season two

Refashion Runway Season Two3

Season two of Refashion Runway has just started over at Renegade Seamstress. I’m so excited and will be watching with much anticipation. I haven’t heard of any of the chosen contestants  before, so I can’t wait to explore their blogs and see what they come up with.

There are six challenges this time too, so the fun (and no doubt, pressure and nerves for the contestants) will last even longer this time!

Life has gone a bit crazy in the Offsquare household lately, but I hope to be sewing again real soon. I have a refashion project I can’t wait start!