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5 Ways to Find Your Sew-Jo

We all go through phases where our enthusiasm for sewing dims. It’s when you look at your sewing machine and think “Ugh, I just can’t be bothered” But you know it’s your happy place and you want to get that joy back. So how? Where… Read More

Briar Dress //
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Briar Dress by Megan Nielsen

I’ve previously made a few Briar tops out of merino for winter, but summer called for a dress version. Especially after Megan Nielsen released a kids version of this pattern and I saw how great it looked on Poppet! For both of these dresses, I… Read More

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Summer Kimono Jacket

Kimono jackets are quick to make and simple to wear. This one has already been in serious rotation this summer! After scouring Pinterest, I found a free tutorial for a kimono jacket via Elle Apparel and then this colourful poly chiffon in a local store. It… Read More

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Hepburn Shorts

This black polyester, wet-look fabric is incredible. It looks like leather, drapes like rayon and doesn’t wrinkle. I want more! Skirts, tops, a blazer … where would I stop? I made these shorts using the Hepburn Shorts pattern by Pattern Emporium. The fit of the pattern is good and… Read More

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Linen Peplum

Sometimes a design idea launches itself at you and demands to be made. Demands, I tell you! It’s mostly why I began sewing in the first place, just to shut it up. This linen peplum top was one of those lightening strikes. I craved drama, structure and a… Read More

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Inari Tee by Named Clothing

The Inari Tee by Named Clothing. It looks like a boxy top but is actually beautifully fitted, which makes it flattering in all the right places. Not that I’ve made the dress version yet, mind you.

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Ella Top by Liola Patterns

I needed a ‘palate cleanser’ between a couple of big makes. Something that was uncomplicated, casual and suited to fabric that I wouldn’t cry about if failure hit. This is the Ella Top by Liola Patterns, which is available via Indiesew. I made it using this… Read More

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Aztec Print Skirt

If it’s possible for fabric to sing to your soul, that’s how I’d describe this. Colour, geometrics and texture … I’m in love. It just begged to be made into a pencil skirt, so of course, I happily obliged.