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Pink Memories by Isabell Kraemer

Guys, I knitted myself a jersey. Who is this person?! I didn’t even know I had it in me.

Pink Memories by Isabell Kraemer |

Because I’m still a knitting noob, I needed some hand holding so enlisted the help of an experienced friend. Thanks Victoria! Couldn’t have done it without her.

Over coffee and a cinnamon scroll, we chose the Pink Memories pattern by Isabell Kraemer. It’s knit in the round from the top down so there are no seams to sew and had the boxy, slightly cropped shape I was after.

Pink Memories by Isabell Kraemer |

The yarn is Chickadee in Peacoat from Quince & Co and oh my. Just imagine your warmest merino fabric has a baby with the softest lambs wool you’ve ever touched and the baby is mostly made of air. I never knew knitted jerseys could feel this good!

When I pair it with a merino top underneath, I’m perfectly toasty on a cold day. There’s nothing like natural fibres, amiright?

Peacoat Chickadee yarn by Quince & Co |

While I don’t know what the wool blend is exactly, here is what Quincy & Co say about their Chickadee range:

Three-ply Chickadee is a well-rounded, bouncy, and elastic sport weight. Although smooth, tidy, and refined in the skein, it makes a fabric with even stitches, drape, softness, and a hint of halo to smooth things out. Use this yarn when you want etched textures, clean-cut cables, and crisp colorwork patterns. Try it in breezy cardigans when you want fluid drape or in cozy accessories that are comfortable next to your skin.

Cheap, acrylic wool has been ruined for me. Forever.

Pink Memories by Isabell Kraemer |

As for the knitting itself? I frogged that thing so many times that I lost count. I struggled with tension for the first 10 or so attempts and I made the completely wrong size at one point along with mysterious holes throughout. But even with those mistakes included (all due to inexperience), the entire make only took 3 months. I seriously thought it would take 3 years. In fact, the final attempt only took 1 month to come together. Not bad!

Pink Memories by Isabell Kraemer |

Pattern Changes

Pink Memories actually has a garter stitch front, but I switched that for a stockinette stitch all over. I omitted the pockets, added a split high-low hem and made the final length to preference. The hem was ribbed with a 2×1 stitch and the sleeves and neckline were a 1×1 rib with a 4.5mm needle. My tension is still relatively tight, so I used a 5mm needle everywhere else to keep the 20″ gauge.

These details are also over on my otherwise empty Ravelry page, but who knows … maybe it’ll slowly fill now that I’m finding my feet.

I need to visit New Zealand!

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    • Thank you! I can never resist a rich navy and it just feels so soft & light to wear. It’s a special make, for sure.

  1. Chrystene

    This is stunning! ‘Even for a first jumper’ doesn’t need to be added. This looks fantastic, and the fit is spot on. I hope you liked knitting it enough to continue. Knitting really is so much fun.

    • What kind words! Thanks Chrystene. You’re a beautiful soul. Yes, I’ll certainly be knitting more. The urge only really hits in Autumn & Winter though, so the needles will take a small hiatus until then 😉

  2. Cathy

    I am in the process of knitting this sweater and would love to a split hem. Would you please elaborate or point me to the right tutorial?

    • Hi Cathy. I simply divided the stitches at the side seams and held the back stitches on scrap yarn. Then I knitted the front to my preferred length, cast off, and picked up the back stitches again, knitting that to my preferred length too. I hope that helps! 😊


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