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Linen Peplum

Sometimes a design idea launches itself at you and demands to be made. Demands, I tell you! It’s mostly why I began sewing in the first place, just to shut it up.

Linen peplum top with pleats |

This linen peplum top was one of those lightening strikes. I craved drama, structure and a gritty challenge.

Now, usually my attempts at self-drafting fall flat on their face; I’ve had many failures over the years. But after taking a Craftsy course recently, I managed to ace this one pretty quickly. The lessons have paid for themselves already!

Linen peplum top with pleats |

This top features a centre front “Y” bust dart (it’s hard to see, but there nonetheless), back slit with button closure, and lace detail on the inside hem which peaks out occasionally between the folds.

Linen peplum top with pleats |

My initial design had no waist seam. It was a voluminous tent top that sat in waves around a hi-lo hem, but I was having problems with keeping the fabric evenly distributed during wear. I didn’t want pleats near the neckline, or multiple vertical seams, so opted for a peplum instead. Although maybe the same could be achieved with a circle skirt design that has a neckline and arm scythe added?

Linen peplum top with pleats |

This linen has been in the stash for a loooooong time, so I can’t remember where I found it, but I’m finding linen is a dream to work with. Although it does crease as soon as you hug someone or sit in a car! Terribly impractical, as fashion often is, but at least it’s comfy and breathes well.

Linen peplum top with pleats |

It’s so nice having a different style/colour/fabric added to the wardrobe. It helps keep things fresh and fun … and I like that.

Linen peplum top with pleats |

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  1. I love it! That linen fabric is a great colour and I think the creasing just adds to it. Gives it that go with the flow, just got out of bed kinda chic ♥

  2. It looks great. I particularly love the back – you could use it for so many other variations!

    • Thanks Emma! I love the back too. It reminds me of 1800’s tailoring. I did wonder if the front pleats should go the other way though? Meh, it’s done now 😉

  3. I love linen. Love it.
    And I’m curious whereabouts in NZ are you? I’m visiting in January – only the South Island though.

    • I’m loving linen too. Might need to track down some more now. So excited you’re coming over this way! Have emailed you directly xo

  4. I dig it. I like that you used the y-dart at the front. That’s fun!! I loooove linen, too, it gets softer and nicer with age. xx

    • Thanks Holly 😊 I’m loving linen too, will definitely need to source more now. Hope you and the family are keeping well xoxo

  5. I love this and linen is just so lovely to wear, and while it creases when you breathe (!) pleats stay crisp and gorgeous forever.

    • Thanks Emily. I must say, I’ve found a whole new love for linen with this make. I do love a crisply pressed edge 🙂

  6. Perfect! I love the elegance and playfulness of this outfit. And the background is absolutely breathtaking


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