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Dart Manipulation

Dart manipulation |

Like most home sewists, my sewing ‘training’ consists of a dabble at school (making a clown, of all things! *shudder*) and hours of trawling free online tutorials.

But occasionally a design will strike me and demand to be made. You know, the picture-in-your-head-and-you-just-can’t-shake-it kind. But my knowledge of pattern manipulation is so limited that the designs are usually dumped in frustration.

During my latest battle, I turned to Craftsy.

Now let me start by saying, there are affiliate links in this blog and I may receive a small commission for purchases made. I really appreciate your support, which helps make this blog possible. I paid for this course myself and all opinions are my own.

Dart manipulation in a Craftsy course

Right, legal stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the course. I chose “Pattern Making & Design: Creative darts and seamlines” with Suzy Furrer.

The course mainly covers dart manipulation, which is blimmin’ awesome, but there’s a good chunk on creating different seamlines and silhouettes too (think princess seams, double princess seams, empire lines, swing silhouettes etc).

Dart manipulation |

Everything on the course is worked from slopers, so you do need to have a starting point. I just used a bodice pattern from my stash that fits me well, has plenty of darts and that I’ve made often. The darts are a sitting little high here, but you get the idea.

Did you know darts pointing down toward the bust will make a small bust look bigger? Just like darts that start below the bust and point upward make a bust look smaller? Did not know that.

Dart manipulation |

This diamond panel incorporates bust and waist darts and can be made in any shape you like. I’m pretty sure I was in a state of awe for that entire section.

The lessons are aimed at an advanced sewist who is looking to upskill and challenge themselves, so if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to build up to this one.

At any time during the lesson, you can ask a Suzy question (she’s not on the site waiting 24/7 though, so give her some time to answer). I was having a design issue with my picture-in-the-head thing and I found Suzy to be very helpful with this too. She explains everything very well.

Dart manipulation |

I’m feeling a lot more confident about altering patterns now and armed with options that I didn’t even know existed.

But here’s the really cool part:

Craftsy are giving Offsquare readers over 50% off this course for one week!

They’ve slashed the price from US$69.99 to US$29.99 for you, from now until 28 October 2015 (11:59pm MT). Just click the link above to get the special offer.

Here’s hoping the pictures in our minds can become reality more often!

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