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Aztec Print Skirt

Cute outfit. Loving aztec prints right now |

If it’s possible for fabric to sing to your soul, that’s how I’d describe this. Colour, geometrics and texture … I’m in love. It just begged to be made into a pencil skirt, so of course, I happily obliged.

I'm loving aztec prints right now |

This ‘mammoth print’ cotton is from The Fabric Store and has a weave similar to aida cloth; like you’d use for cross-stitching, but softer. It’s so unusual and I love that!

Want some aztec print inspiration? Here’s some Pinterest photos that first got me hooked. The third photo makes me want to sew sequins onto my skirt! *sigh*

I'm loving aztec prints right now

The Pattern

There’s not much to say about the pattern itself. I used the skirt variation of the Sigma Dress pattern by Papercut Patterns and made a size small, cutting a duplicate in pink fabric for lining. I love a fully lined garment and the coarse weave certainly lent itself to it.

I did omit the pockets, cinch in the lower half and make the usual sway back adjustment, but there weren’t any major diversions from the original pattern.

I'm loving aztec prints right now |

I’ll admit that my pattern matching leaves much to be desired, but compromises had to be made, people. Numerous compromises. At least the main lines are in the vague vicinity. I’ll take the small victories.

I almost got it matched on the right hand side! Gah. So close.

I'm loving aztec prints right now |

It’s also my first time doing an exposed zipper and I thought I could just wing it. Turns out online tutorials are a much better way to go. Duh!

Not to worry. I got there in the end and it’s not too shabby for a first try.

I'm loving aztec prints right now |

I’m loving the finished product and it makes me feel ready for sunshine and al fresco dining. Bring on summer cocktails!

I'm loving aztec prints right now |

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    • Thanks Sarah. I’m in love with this fabric and I was so nervous that I might destroy it in the making. Phew!

    • Aren’t they great?! I love your white dress with the cut-outs, btw. It’s perfection! I struggled to comment with Disqus, but the issues are more me than anything else 😉 Love your style!

  1. Its lovely!! so much fun and colour! Big ticks in my books 🙂 Also I hear you on compromises and fabric matching! I had to do that with my merino dress and the lay of the fabric for the skirt….but it all works all perfectly in the end 🙂

    • Thanks Laura! I do love me some colour 🙂 It’s always a relief when a compromise doesn’t completely destroy a project!


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