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No Sew: Fix a Metal Button on Jeans

No sew fix for the metal button on jeans

It’s easy to repair a metal button that has broken off your jeans.

This is the ‘no sew’ method which is super quick and effective, but may force you to compromise on button position. If you want a more thorough fix which also allows you to place a new button in the same position as the old one, then you’ll want my tutorial on ‘How to Replace a Metal Button on Jeans’ showing you how to sew on a patch first.

You will need:

  • Jeans
  • Hammer
  • Replacement button (available from most fabric or haberdashery stores)


  1. Take the stud from your new button and push it through the fabric on the righthand side of the hole caused by the old button (illustrations are below). Placing it on the right of the hole will hopefully stop the new button tearing the fabric toward the hole during wear.
  2. Place the new button head face down on a towel and on a firm surface. The towel will stop the button from getting scratched while you attach it.
  3. Line up the stud with the hole in the button. Using a hammer, hid the stud from the inside of the jeans, down into the button until it is firmly fixed.
  4. All done! Now you can keep rocking those jeans as if nothing had happened.

No sew fix for the metal button on jeans

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