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Papercut Patterns – Sigma Dress

Katie at Papercut Patterns has released a new range of sewing patterns titled “Constellation”.

Papercut Patterns Sigma Dress |

Guys, it’s truly jaw-dropping. When I saw the designs, I actually held my breath and then gasped in delight as I browsed each one. Katie is seriously talented.

This is the Sigma Dress and I love the tailored look that still manages to pass as casual.

(By the way, it was annoyingly windy when I took these photos. That diagonal crease you see in the skirt above? A gust of wind. Rest assured the skirt does sit flat, as per photo #3).

Papercut Patterns Sigma Dress | Offsquare.comHere’s the technical run down.

With sizing, my waist measurement is usually a size bigger than my other proportions. Mostly, I just base sizing on that waist measurement and cinch in the side seams up top for my smaller bust.

As a side note: I may do a blog post one day on how garment sizing is determined, but for now, let’s just say that sizing is not an ideal shape or target. It’s an average. If you don’t fit perfectly in a category, it doesn’t mean anything negative about your body. You’re fine.

For experimental purposes, I played around a bit here and made two muslins (a trial run with unwanted fabric). I made a size small muslin first and then another muslin with extra small bust and hips, graduating to a size small waist. I found the graduated version a bit snug in the arm holes, so I jumped in and made a size small, tapering in the upper seams slightly to fit the bust as usual. It worked perfectly πŸ™‚

I also added a few extra centimetres to the hem length and used french seams throughout (my little touch of luxury).

Papercut Patterns Sigma Dress |

The instructions were easy to follow and clearly illustrated. I also love how they fold into a cute little booklet for ease of use.

The Sigma dress even comes with a few different variations. You can make a long sleeved dress (oh man, check out thisΒ ikat Sigma Dress by Very Purple Person. I can’t stop thinking about it!), short sleeved dress, both with or without gathers at the waist and then a skirt with or without gathers.

And did I mention pockets?! Booyah.

Papercut Patterns Sigma Dress |

The fabric is a polyester (don’t judge me!) print from Spotlight.

I just can’t rave enough about Papercut Patterns. Katie is amazing and her attention to detail is scrumptious with beautifully presented patterns that remain user friendly.

Papercut Patterns Sigma Dress |

The fit and sizing were great here with any fitting quirks being par for the course for this small busted lady.

TheΒ Papercut Patterns blog has additional tutorials for any newbies to sewing. In fact, you’ll also find sew-alongs there for some of the patterns, which is awesome if you want someone to hold your hand throughout the process.

P.S. In the spirit of full disclosure, Papercut Patterns so very kindly gave me this pattern. Rest assured these words and opinions are my own though. I was a fan long before this!

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  1. Elaine Lourens

    I have dress envy!! What an amazing dress pattern!!

  2. Anna

    Looks great Katrina! Would love to hear more about garment sizing, might give this one a go!

    • Thanks Anna! Disappointed to miss seeing your finished LaSylphide today but we’ll have to co-ordinate some time πŸ˜‰ I’ll have to work on that garment sizing post then.

  3. Yay more new Papercut! Your fabric is so pretty πŸ™‚ Katie is an amazing designer and pattern drafter, I am such a huge fan – working on my second La Sylphide at the moment, with a Rigel queued up in the near future.

    • Your owl La Sylphide was inspiring! I can’t wait to see what fabric you’ve chosen for this next one and for the Rigel too. Go Papercut fan club! Lol.

  4. Cat

    gosh this dress is so gorgeous you almost have me wanting to attempt it
    given I still haven’t finished one I started back in September hmmmm

    • Ah yes, unfinished projects. I have those too! I find the excitement of a new project good motivation to tidy those loose ends, so to speak πŸ™‚

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