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Book Rave: The Crafty Minx at Home

I’m quite the fan of Kelly Doust and her Crafty Minx books.  They all have a lovely DIY element to them, but what I adore the most is the way she inspires the reader in such a unique way.

The Crafty Minx at Home |

Doust has been crafting and revamping vintage finds since she was a girl and her latest book, “The Crafty Minx at Home” abounds with DIY projects and vintage inspiration for each room of the home.

It’s all about revelling in the joys of home life, times shared with family and friends, and feathering your nest with exquisite handmade or vintage objects to feed heart and soul.

The Crafty Minx at Home |

I’ve spent a number of evenings blissfully curled up in a beanbag by the fire, relishing the pages of this book. It deserves a quiet spot with a hot drink by your side … and maybe a few squares of chocolate or some of your favourite home baking.

Her writing style is charming and whimsical, and that mood flows through every aspect of the book.

The Crafty Minx at Home |

Aren’t those illustrations just gorgeous?! The amount of work that has gone into it is amazing.

I loved her idea about converting an old candelabra into a lamp and will also be keeping my eyes open for some ornate old picture frames to scatter throughout my home. Oh, and spray painting an ugly ornament? Surprisingly, awesome!

The Crafty Minx at Home |

Doust is practical and creative with an enviable writing style. She has a lovely vision for encouraging readers to make home their own and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s about finding pieces you love and reviving items otherwise rejected. Now that’s a woman after my own heart.

The Crafty Minx at Home |

This book has a delicious vintage feel and is something I’ll want to read a few times over. For me, her books are often keepers rather than library loans and I guess that’s her knack for creating treasured and heirloom items rising to the surface once again.

“The Crafty Minx at Home” is published by Harper Collins and can be found at Fish Pond or via a link on her Crafty Minx website.

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