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Blogging and Vulnerability

I loved being part of Refashion Runway. It challenged me in not only my sewing, but in the core of me too.

I realise blogging puts you in quite a vulnerable position. You share your voice and your creativity with the world for complete strangers to accept or reject as they please. It’s a scary feeling!

What if no-one likes me?

What if I get ridiculed?

What if I fail?

What if I succeed?

I might disappoint people.

Being a part of Refashion Runway was a great experience and I totally recommend it if refashioning is your thing. Beth is so sweet and the other competitors were both encouraging and inspiring. Not to mention the amazing support of all my wonderful readers! Every comment you leave truly means the world to me.

I’ve got to be honest though and say that pitching my creativity beside others to be compared and voted on was tough. Everything I make comes from deep within me, so sometimes it feels like I’m exposing my very soul to the world. It’s a position of complete vulnerability.

I found this encouraging TED talk “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brene Brown (and her accompanying talk “Listening to Shame“) and I wanted to share all this with you too, because don’t we all have times of feeling like this? When we have a chance take a leap and put ourselves out there, in a state of vulnerability?

Here are some key points I picked up that I want to hold onto forever:

  • Take courage to be imperfect. We’re surrounded by images of perfection everywhere and it’s  highly unrealistic as a lifestyle. We are imperfect … and it’s ok. Of course, it’s always good to strive for better and to improve ourselves, but don’t be hard on yourself either and don’t be afraid to let others see those imperfections.
  • Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy and love. We can’t selectively numb emotions, so when we numb vulnerability, we also numb joy, gratitude and happiness.
  • Let ourselves be seen. The real us and not just the person you think others want to see. You have a lot of beauty to offer too.
  • To love with our whole hearts. That can feel risky when we don’t know how it will be received or what the final outcome will be. But the rewards when it turns out well are incredible. Sometimes it is just worth the risk.
  • Practice gratitude and lean into joy. Turn away from fear and sadness.

and my favourite point of all …

“I am enough”

You are already worthy of love. If others don’t see that, it still doesn’t change the fact. Just find those that do see it. Obviously, my faith in God is a huge source of this for me.

So through all my stirred up vulnerabilities and insecurities, I’m learning to work with them and not push them down. I doubt it’s a journey I’ll ever be finished with. There is plenty of fodder to work with there. But that place of opening up the real “you” is where beauty happens.

You have all been so amazing in your support and encouragement on this blog and I am so grateful for every single comment you leave. More than you’ll know. But I realise too that not everyone will like what I make or write and I need to be okay with that too. God loves me, so shouldn’t I too?

So next time you feel rejected or a bit vulnerable, don’t shut down or block people out. Stay open and let goodness flow back in. It’s also a place where the beautiful things of life happen and you don’t want to miss out on those too.

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    • Phew, thank you! Ironically I felt vulnerable even publishing this, but if it serves to help someone else then it will be all worth it 🙂

  1. zibergirl

    I really appreciate your honesty and your vulnerability. Everything you said is so true. It really made me think about the blogging world. We may never meet in person, but we can still be true friends. Thank you for sharing your insights. I’m going to back up to read it again.

    • Ah, it’s people who receive the openness so warmly that make it that much easier. Thanks for commenting.

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  3. Catherine

    beautiful post Katrina and come at a timely occasion for me

    • So pleased Cat! It’s a great TED talk if you have some time to watch. The topics sound intense but she’s a very relatable speaker.

  4. caspin12

    ive known a lot of successful people……designers, bankers, stock brokers, doctors, accountants, managers of big companies, allsorts from all backgrounds. i learnt along time ago there is something in common…,we are all human, all have self doubt, worry what others think, its kinda a relief when you find out we are all the same……..but, nothing ventured – nothing gained 🙂 i always enjoy your blog even though i dont often comment.

    • Thanks for commenting Caspin! You’re so right and we can often forget that when we see a confident exterior on someone. It’s exciting to step out despite those fears sometimes and see what happens.

    • Thanks Erica. So pleased you followed along with us all. Do you think you’ll try out next time?? Would love to see what wonders you create! Although I’m sure you have plenty on as it is … hope the pregnancy is going well. So excited for you!

  5. Very well said – and I completely agree, Refashion Runway has been amazingly fun, but every time a challenge posted it does become a little scary and stressful, but it is also rewarding to have such supportive people involved. Beautiful post, cheers 🙂

    • Yes! I think we all felt the same way. Fun, thrilling, challenging and scary. How do people do that on TV?!

  6. Wendy Roscoe

    Thank you for sharing your true thoughts and feelings! You can’t imagine how I needed to hear this today. Your timing is impeccable. I have been surprised at my growth in the confidence department over the last few years, but every now and then it gets shaken up. Last night my confidence was shaken and old doubts crept in. I thought I was past all of that, but I guess we all get revisited byour old ghosts occasionally. I love your blog and am so glad you joined Refashion Runway so that I could discover you! Thank you for sharing your creativity and beauty.

    • Thanks so much for sharing Wendy! It was my deepest hope that someone might be encouraged by this. As Caspin commented here, “we are all human, all have self doubt, worry what others think, its kinda a relief when you find out we are all the same”. I believe that learning how to manage those “ghosts” and turn them into something positive is what makes us better people 🙂

  7. Lovely post Katrina, thanks for sharing. And thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  8. Poingnant words I think 🙂 Especially in the world of blogging……love you creativity it is very inspiring!

    • Thanks Laura! There is a lot of joy in blogging and it seems to increase the more open we allow ourselves to be with it all too.

  9. This was a lovely post Katrina, so well said. I will continue to follow you and I am glad to have met you through Refashion Runway. It was/is scary but also so much fun. Have you signed up for my giveaway my new refashion friend? Here is the link:
    I don’t want you to miss out! 🙂

  10. Roz

    You mentioned two of my favourite TED talks. So pleased they have been an encouragement to you.

    • Hi Roz! Aren’t they great?! I thought they were too good not to share. So nice to hear from you xo

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  12. This is a lovely post. Completely agree with you. It is almost like bearing your soul-the fear, the anticipation, the joy or possible rejection and everything in between. I think the more you put yourself out there, the more you learn about yourself.

    • Thank you! Yes, absolutely. It can be so easy to blend into the background sometimes and hide the real “you”, but when you open yourself up and put the true “you” out there for others to see, it can be so utterly rewarding and beautiful. Sometimes we just need to feel the fear and do it anyway.

  13. Gina

    I just started reading you blog. Simply wonderful. I found it through a link on I’m from Southern California. Blotting is a wonderful way to connect to the world and share the gifts you are blessed with.

    • So lovely to have you reading along, Gina! Welcome. Blogging really is amazing for sharing ideas and inspiration and the people you meet are always so genuine and lovely. Thanks for commenting 🙂


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