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Book Rave: ‘Whole Larder Love’


Winning something is always exciting. But winning something you eagerly wanted, is extra thrilling.

The last issue of ‘Extra Curricular‘ was right up my alley. Self-sufficiency. Not that we live that lifestyle as yet, but there’s much to aspire to. Supporting locally made, living simply and loving the people around you.

As a part of this, ‘Whole Larder Love‘ by Rohan Anderson made a feature in the magazine, complete with a copy of his book to giveaway. And I won!! Yup, I squealed and danced with excitement before stalking the postie everyday until the book arrived.

I must say, I am inspired. Rohan Anderson is all about sourcing your own food. Whether it is growing and foraging vege, buying locally grown or even hunting your own meat, he covers it all. Granted, hunting for meat may sound extreme, especially if you’re a city dweller (he does suggest hunting zombies if you live in London. Good advice.), but it’s about getting you to think about what you are eating and where it comes from.

Of course, the recipes are the real winner here. Simple food without fuss, but great on flavour. Gnocchi, country bread, passata, zucchini relish, nettle pappardelle and snail paella to name a few. Plus lots of tips and how-to’s for us rookies.

Before I go setting a rabbit trap on my in-laws farm though, I think I need to start small. Given my renown for total neglect when it comes to watering my vege garden, this is where I will begin.

Time for me to get an automated watering system. After years of garden neglect, I have to accept the fact I’m never going to actually water those plants. I may also try to raise some seedlings! *Gasp*

If you love the idea of self-sufficiency and growing or foraging your food, you’ll love this book. Beautifully presented in full colour and reminiscent of Jamie Oliver cookbooks, Anderson shares sass and inspiration on every page.

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  1. I feel like we are kindred spirits! I have a growing interest in “self-sufficiency” also. I’ve even started gardening the last two years, but like you, don’t have watering down to a science. I either over water, or go for days without watering. Yikes!
    Thanks for sharing about the book. It looks very interesting! I’ll definitely be checking it out.
    Take care!
    ~Jen 🙂

    • Wow, we even have the same WordPress theme!! Haha. Looks like we have tons in common. Loving your refashions. I’ll be following along with much interest 🙂

  2. fantastic that you won the book. hoorah…i am waiting to read it from the local library…enjoy!

  3. max

    great book, i managed to get my local library to buy it in, love his blog too x

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