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Floral Dress Updated

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

A Happy Easter too. Just getting in early ’cause obviously I’m terrible at this kind of thing. Hope you’ve all had incredible holidays though.

Life has taken over from blogging lately as we’ve been loving this amazing summer. Plenty of beach time, lots of family fun and enough house painting to last, well, 10 years.

Amidst it all, I managed to find a bit of time to update this little floral number. It wasn’t so little when I first got it but after a nip tuck it’s looking much more 2013.

What’s that you say? A tutorial in just one photo please? No problem!


Shorten the sleeves. Sew in the sides. Sew the button front closed to reduce embarrassing moments (retaining buttons etc). Chop and finish the hem.

The zigzags on the shoulder are where I slightly gathered the seam. The dress was a size too big and the seam sat off the shoulder, so this helped it fit better. Let me know if you want a tutorial for that and I’ll put one together. It’s a handy trick to know!

Just one tip: If you plan on wearing a belt with the finished dress, put the belt on when choosing what length to make it ’cause it shortens the length somewhat.



  1. WOWOWOW!!!! You are very talented!!!!

    I need to pull in a shirt my husb got for Christmas which he loves but is like 3 sizes too big. I’m terrified of any sort of “refashioning” project. Haha. Once a seam is there I like to keep it there!

    LOVE what you did with the dress, you must have a great eye for potential in things! 😉


    • Thanks so much Sophie! I’m the same as you where creating new seams feels rather serious. Highly recommend not chopping away fabric until you’re sure you have a good fit 😉 Just whip up the current side seams and underarms making them a little smaller and no-one will be any the wiser.
      Thanks for your lovely comments and I’m feeling excited about meeting you in just a couple of months time.

  2. Bev

    I’d love to know how you did the gathered shoulders. I have narrow shoulders and am full busted so the top always looks a bit too big around the shoulders and neck area; this might remedy some of my refashions. Also, did you change the floral dress from a scoop neck to a v-neck? Looks great!

    • Hi Bev! You did well to notice the neckline. I just undid the top button to take it from scoop neck to v-neck. Gathered shoulders would still allow you room in the bust, so should be ideal. The easiest way would be to cut a strip of elastic the same length you want your shoulder seam to be. Stretching the elastic as you go, sew it onto the existing shoulder seam. When you’ve finished it will gather the seam for you. If you have problems, let me know. Great to hear from you and I hope it works well to give you a great final fit.


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