Dolly Donations

DollsI unfortunately can’t take credit for all these dolls. My friend Kris made four in the time it took me to make one! Her two are on the left and Poppet cried when I took the pink one away from her.

I recently stumbled across the incredible website “Dolly Donations”, which assists those who wish to make dolls for children in need.

Full tutorials and patterns on making cloth dolls are provided and you are free to make these for your own darlings too, just make some extra to send to others in need while you’re at it. (No selling of dolls is permitted, understandably).

Our dolls will be heading off to Kiwilink for Zimbabwean orphans who are trying to raise their siblings alone. Truly heartbreaking.

After my daughter initially rejecting her dolly in favour of donating it to her brother, she’s since formed a lovely bond with “Holly the dolly” and won’t put her down! To see her enjoying the doll is just awesome. It warms my heart to think other children might discover a friend and confidant in one of these dolls too.


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