Home Refashion

Dulux “Marton”

Every spring, I get an insatiable urge to do DIY around the house. Of course, the usual spring cleaning bender is in there too, but that doesn’t quite quench my thirst.

Last year it was sanding and repainting window sills. This year it’s the massive task of repainting the house exterior. Due to the overdue nature of this task, the transformation is a sweet one.

The extra incentive for this is that Hubby has volunteered our house to host a Christmas function in just a couple of weeks. Here’s hoping I can get the key areas looking sharp in time!

So, the sewing is on the back burner for now as I work on this large-scale refashion. My before photos aren’t thoroughly exciting but I’ll work on a before/after snap for you when I’ve made a little more progress.

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