School Report Revisited

While visiting my parents tonight, my Mum gave me my old high school reports.

It’s always interesting (amusing?) to look back and see how things have changed. Or not changed.

Here’s what my sewing teacher said about me 19 years ago:

Katrina is a quiet pleasant student who has been very creative in her practical work which has unfortunately meant her progress has been slow and she still has a long way to go to complete her clown. More thorough reading of instructions would have helped gain her more marks in a recent assignment.

Things I can glean/recall from this:

  • I hated making that stupid clown. My “creativity” here was actually procrastination. Perhaps progress would have been quicker if we were making awesome dresses.
  • What 15 year old wants a stuffed clown anyway? Those things are freaky.
  • I’ve since learnt that most of the creative process happens in your head before you even start a project. This saves a lot of indecision later.
  • Reading instructions has never been a strong point. My Typing teacher made a similar comment. Still an area I can improve on.

On a side note, my P.E. (physical eduction) teacher said “she needs to improve her overall fitness”. I guess some things never change.


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