Burdastyle Marie Skirt

Burdastyle are a great source of patterns and inspiration. If you want to make something without buying a pattern for it, this is a good place to start. It’s also worth flicking through the “latest projects” at the bottom of the screen to see what others have done with the pattern too.

Hubby bought me this fabric while in Africa for a few weeks earlier this year. He’s so good to me!

Since then it’s been sitting patiently while I pondered the perfect project for it and this Marie skirt from Burdastyle was just the fit.

The print on the fabric makes it hard to see the pleats, but I love that the skirt tapers on the bottom to balance out the pleats. Feminine and slimming.

I’m halfway through my second version of this skirt in another fabric. That’s how much I like it.


  • The pattern was easy to use and I didn’t need the instructions much as it seemed self explanatory. I made a mock-up first from old fabric (my fabric was too precious to waste) and ended up making a version two sizes smaller.
  • The zip doesn’t lie very flat, but that’s my doing rather than the pattern itself.
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